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: We are a Homo Viator
We are travelling beings in search of ourselves.
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For me the Camino has been a million steps, a thousand tears, and a hundred glasses of wine.

A pilgrim friend once summarized his Camino this way.

At Son do Camiño we work to incorporate delights like gastronomy or thermal springs. Not only for the delight itself, but also in terms of how it relates to the Camino.

Make your own Camino

In the same way as your Camino is very personal, we want our experiences and delight be personal too. Therefore we suggest you to ask us for a customized proposal according to your preferences.

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I got a lot of new information helped me to better understand the medieval pilgrims´ lives and the essence of pilgrimage. The tour guide was a real expert. The tour was very interesting and unique. The embrace ceremony was very important for a pilgrim like me. Congratulations to you all and thank you very much!
After encountering yoursel on the Camino, after the emotive embrace to the Apostle and the mass, with the tears caused by the botafumeiro, the pilgrim gets lost in the rumorous commerce of Rua do Franco. Son do Camiño can change this end of the journey and take the pilgrim to discover the secrets of this unique city. Congratulations, Son do Camiño!
Fabulous tour and such a surprise to feel I was connecting with medieval pilgrims and beginning to understand what life might have been like for them in Santiago during those times. I have been to Santiago six times as a pilgrim and twice more for meetings and yet everything on this tour was new information about streets I had walked on and buildings I had walked by.
I chose the Translatio experience because it seemed to be something completey different to what I had experienced to this moment. I couldn't imagine how good my choice was! I learned everything there is to know about the legend of the arrival of the Apostle to Galicia and I understood why this legend was placed in this gorgeous place of the world. We had two hours of boat-trip packed with secret surprises and accompanied with good food. And our visit to Padrón really rounded it up. Can't wait to visit this region again!"
It was very interesting to discover the secrets of the city of Santiago. To walk through its streets while our guide was talking allowed us to identify with those early pilgrims who decided to stay there to build their future. During the whole route I felt like being in those past time, an incredible magic! Thank you for that great experience, I recommend it to everybody, because it allows you to see the city with different eyes. Thank you!


THE SOUND OF STONE – All lecture concerts have been cancelled

We are sorry to inform that all lecture-concerts have been cancelled.

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Do you want to know what these hands were playing?

Only SON do CAMIÑO will show you in its exclusive lecture-concerts The Sound of Stone. Sign up at hola@sondocamino.com

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