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The Pazo de Faramello is a very beautiful property crossed by the Camino Portugués; it is located between Padrón and Santiago. Of course, the place is surrounded by Camino legends. Gonzalo, the Pazo´s owner, will be your guide to discover another hidden corner of the Camino.

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A hidden corner on the Camino

Half way between Padrón and Santiago, the Camino Portugués crosses the Pazo de Faramello, lying in a gorgeous forest beside a small river. Other than common pazos, the origin of this one was an industry, as it was the location of the first paper factory in Galicia. Along the centuries it has hoarded has an extraordinary richness in history, nature and fauna. Besides, the place is surrounded by Camino legends as the one about the Rocha Nai, a bedrock with fertility properties for pilgrims, or the one about the Castro Lupario, a fortified settlement where the legendary Queen Lupa lived, the lady of this land, who converted to Christianity due to the miracles surrounding the arrival to Galicia of the remains of the Apostle St. James.

You will become acquainted with these Camino legends through the owner of the Pazo. But our proposal goes further. Our aim with this activity is to combine several delights, specially nature and gastronomy. Tasting an original Galician empanada (pie) or a delicious white wine is twice as delightful if you do so in a surrounding as magic as that of the Pazo de Faramello.

At the Pazo, we offer you the following delights:

  • Option 1: Guided visit + Galician breakfast / brunch
    After a 12 Km walk from Santiago, we can enjoy a full breakfast “Galician style” and visit the Pazo.
  • Option 2: Guided visit + Traditional Galician lunch or dinner in the old cellar
    Apart from visiting the Pazo, taste a delicious meal Based on fresh local produce in the old wine-cellar
  • Option 3: Guided visit + Galician wine tasting
    After the visit, tasting of wines from different Galician designations of origin.

You can also enjoy some activities together with a traditional Galician music concert. Please let us know your preferences and we will design for you an original and exclusive experience an this beautiful Pazo.

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