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: The Santiago food market
and participative cooking

Imagine a lively market, filled with tantalizing sights, aromas, and flavors; brimming with fresh local produce; seafood unrivalled in its freshness; rich local cheeses; famous meat products. Santiago food market preserves its authenticity as a place where many citizens go daily to purchase their food.
Do you want to savor a unique experience in this market with us? Follow us while buying fresh produce, and then cook and enjoy it with us.

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Explore, cook and taste

Your arrival in Santiago de Compostela allows you to deeply explore Galician gastronomy and to reward the body with visual and gustatory delights. We offer you a guided visit to the market to get acquainted with its most traditional products. Our guide, who is Art historian and gastronome, will accompany you on a journey through senses and will tell you historical and cultural aspects as well as about the connection between the city´s gastronomy and the Camino de Santiago. We will stop at some stalls of fish, shellfish, bread and vegetables to learn about which are the most usual ones, their prices, their origin etc. We will specially stop at those stalls where the products we will cook later have been bought. After the visit, we will move on to the market´s kitchen. There you will learn how to prepare at least three traditional dishes and finally you will taste them together with local wine and liquors. Are you going to miss it?

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After encountering yoursel on the Camino, after the emotive embrace to the Apostle and the mass, with the tears caused by the botafumeiro, the pilgrim gets lost in the rumorous commerce of Rua do Franco. Son do Camiño can change this end of the journey and take the pilgrim to discover the secrets of this unique city. Congratulations, Son do Camiño!

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