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: Santiago Unexplored
and Camino Meditations

This experience has two parts. First we will follow the route of the Unexplored Santiago, following in the footprints of past pilgrims and discovering the places that preserve them. In the second part we will revive the more emotional side of your pilgrimage both during a coffee and conversation with Camino experts and attending, whenever possible, the Embrace Ceremony.

From learning to emotion

In the first two hours we will follow the original itinerary of ancient pilgrims in order to discover the imprints of ages of pilgrimage in the city of Santiago de Compostela, recalling the most emblematic buildings, squares, places and legends. After this itinerary we will move to the Hotel Monumento San Francisco, situated in the historical convent of the monastic order, where, with a coffee in hand, we will have the opportunity to know an expert, who will make a short historic and cultural presentation on pilgrimage and the Camino and with whom we will also be able to share our experience as contemporary pilgrims.

In most cases, pilgrims arrive in Santiago with a strong emotional sensibility, and they don't always have the opportunity to share it. We believe that this can be a good place for pilgrims to share their emotions, if they wish to, with other pilgrims and with experts.

During the last 45 minutes of this experience we will attend –whenever possible– one of the most intense and unknown welcome ceremonies for pilgrims arriving in Santiago, the Ceremony of the Hug at San Francisco. Should this be impossible, we will substitute it by a reading session aimed at understanding the idea of homo viator en western culture. In both cases, the key factor of this experience is that it combines a number of factors that can only be understood by a pilgrim who has just made the Camino and has his emotional sensibility still alive.

The goal of this experience is to move from discovery of and knowledge about Santiago de Compostela to the meditation about the past and present of the Camino and end with a ceremony that links what we have learned with our own experience as pilgrims.

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I got a lot of new information helped me to better understand the medieval pilgrims´ lives and the essence of pilgrimage. The tour guide was a real expert. The tour was very interesting and unique. The embrace ceremony was very important for a pilgrim like me. Congratulations to you all and thank you very much!

Csilla, 42 years

After encountering yoursel on the Camino, after the emotive embrace to the Apostle and the mass, with the tears caused by the botafumeiro, the pilgrim gets lost in the rumorous commerce of Rua do Franco. Son do Camiño can change this end of the journey and take the pilgrim to discover the secrets of this unique city. Congratulations, Son do Camiño!

Clinete, 67 years
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